Your Official Marahlago Certificate of Authenticity

Marahlago is the leading designer of high-quality Larimar jewelry, and we proudly certify our designs against manufacturing and materials defects. To register for our 3-year warranty and receive your own Certificate of Authenticity, click the button below!

Once your jewelry is registered, your warranty will be activated and you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with details about your piece, including the carat weight of the larimar and any accent stones. When you receive your certificate, be sure to keep it somewhere safe as proof of warranty for any future repair needs.


  • The stone used is genuine Larimar, and not a substitute or simulant.
  • The certified piece is an authentic Marahlago design.
  • The certified piece is covered against defects in manufacturing and materials for 3 years from the date listed on the certificate.

The warranty does not cover pieces that are lost, or damaged by accident or negligence. See certificate for full details.

Our guarantee, along with proper care, ensure you will be able to enjoy your piece for many years to come. For more details on how to properly care for your new jewelry, click here.


larimar certificate of authenticity