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Ultimate Guide to Buying Larimar Gemstone Jewelry

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Larimar, often termed the “Caribbean Gemstone,” is a spellbinding blue pectolite found exclusively in the Dominican Republic. Its mesmerizing azure shades, which mirror the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea, make it a sought-after gem in the world of jewelry.

In the jewelry market, where authenticity and quality are paramount, it’s crucial to identify and trust specific brands when considering a Larimar purchase. 

One such brand that has stood out in this arena is Marahlago. Known for their dedication to quality and design with over 20 years of expertise in gemstone jewelry.

Marahlago is widely recognized as a genuine and premium source for Larimar jewelry. Their collections gracefully highlight the stone’s natural beauty, ensuring that each piece becomes a timeless testament to Larimar’s magnificence..

Let’s get started!

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What is Larimar?

Larimar is the result of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago deep within the mountains of the Dominican Republic.

Single Source Location

Are exceptionally rare and valuable. They come from a specific location, boasting unique qualities, colors, and histories. Their scarcity makes them prized treasures sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Natural Gemstone

1000 feet deep underground the miners chase deposits looking for gem quality material that is used by marahlago.


The hardness of Larimar varies depending on the crystalline structure, but marahlago jewelry quality larimar stones are generally around the same hardnes as steel.

durability gemstone
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Unique Color

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No other blue gemstone has a color quite like larimar. The Volcanic blue & white pattern’s come from the mineral composition and cooling process as the stone formed.

Carribean Gemstone

Swirling patterns of blue and white, mimic the blue skys and ocean waves of the Caribbean, the only place in the world that larimar is found.

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Why Marahlago

comparation table 9

Secure Stone Settings

At Marahlago, we prioritize the durability of our larimar jewelry by avoiding glue or prong settings. Instead, we carefully fold a band of silver over the edges of the larimar gemstone to make a very secure bezel setting

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Premium Finish

Marahlago applies a custom coating to the sterling silver that is highly resistant to tarnishing

  • Maintain’s brilliance and value
  • Long term durability
  • Tarnish resistant
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Sterling Silver

Marahlago’s sterling silver pieces are composed of a blend of pure silver and a small amount of other metals, which increases their shine and durability. All sterling silver pieces are imprinted with the mark 925 to ensure authenticity.
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Flawless Cutting

Every piece is made with naturally-occurring larimar from the Dominican Republic. Synthetic resins, artificially-dyed glass or dyed larimar is never used in marahlago jewelry.
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Signature Jewelry Box

Here’s what’s included!

  • Marahlago Gift Box
  • Storage Pouch
  • Polishing Cloth

About Marahlago

Adrian came to America, bought a boat and sailed to the Caribbean where he came across Larimar. The love for the stone was immediate and immense. So began his journey of sharing it’s beauty with the world.
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Understanding Larimar Quality

Larimar’s beauty lies in its range of colors and patterns. The intensity of its blue can range from a soft white-blue to a deep blue-green. 

While many prefer the intense blue shades, the choice is often subjective and based on personal preference. Equally enchanting are the patterns found on Larimar; swirling patterns, typically caused by volcanic activity, can resemble waves or clouds, adding depth and character to the stone.

However, like all gemstones, clarity is vital. A high-quality Larimar stone will have minimal inclusions or imperfections. When buying Larimar, ensure that the stone is mostly clear and that any patterns enhance its beauty rather than detract from it.


Types of Larimar Jewelry

Larimar’s versatility is evident in the variety of jewelry it graces.

From stunning rings that showcase its patterns to dainty necklaces that let the stone’s hue shine, there’s something for everyone. Earrings can be particularly mesmerizing, with the blue hues reflecting close to the face, while bracelets offer a more substantial canvas for this beautiful gem.

Each jewelry type offers a unique way to wear and showcase Larimar. For instance, larger pieces like pendants or brooches allow for more extensive stones to be used, highlighting the gem’s intricate patterns.

Choosing the Right Settings

The setting of a gemstone is like its frame, and for Larimar, the setting can either amplify its beauty or overshadow it.

Popular choices include sterling silver, which complements the blue tones, and gold, which offers a striking contrast. Ensure that the setting is of high quality and offers the stone adequate protection, especially for rings which can face more wear and tear.

The setting should not only be sturdy but should also allow the Larimar to be the star. Minimalistic designs often work best, but ornate settings can also be chosen if they accentuate, not overpower, the stone’s natural beauty.

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Stone Settings

Glue VS Bezel

You need to make sure the most important part of your jewelry (the Larimar) is set securely. A vast majority of Larimar jewelry has a stone that is held in place with glue.

These are incredibly economical and easy because the silver is cast, polished, and finished and then a stone is quite simply glued into the appropriate spot. Superficially, they “look” fine, but the slightest tap can easily break that bond and cause the stone to drop off.

To determine the type of setting used, look at the edges, where the stone meets the silver. If the silver forms a tight ring that covers the edge of the stone, then it is bezel-set. If you see gaps, then it is most likely a glue setting. When the stone is set to level with the silver and they are both flat and smooth on top then it is probably an inlay setting.


Prong VS Bezel

A bezel setting is considered the most secure of all setting types because instead of using a claw to secure the stone, the bezel uses a ring of metal around the entire circumference of the gemstone. In addition to holding the gem in place it also l protects it from potential damage.

Sterling silver is far too malleable to use prong settings, especially on a larger stone such as Larimar. Quite simply, the silver is not strong enough to securely hold the stone in place. Most silver designs using prongs seem to have been designed for use with gold and other gemstones


Bezel settings for gemstone jewelry


Other Setting Methods

Setting gemstone jewelry with a bezel is very secure but requires highly skilled workers to cut the right shape of a stone and silversmiths to actually “roll” the bezel. The bezel setting is very time-consuming, so many companies offer a lower-priced alternative that is known as a “fake Bezel”.

To make a fake bezel, silver wire is rolled into an “L” shape. Then the stone is placed in the bottom and the sides are then pushed against the stone to try and hug it as much as possible. Glue is often added to keep it more secure. These settings resemble a bezel, but because the silver is not actually folded over the top of the stone, they are not as secure. It is usually pretty easy to push the stone from the back and pop it out.

A common telltale sign of a fake bezel is an open back where the back of the piece is just a thin strip of silver around the edge. At Marahlago, we prefer to use closed backs to make sure the stone is protected on all sides.

Some people might specifically want open backs for Metaphysical purposes; however, generally speaking, in the jewelry industry, this is a cost-cutting measure and is indicative of low-cost workmanship.




Larimar’s price can vary significantly based on several factors.

The stone’s size, quality, setting material, and craftsmanship all play a role in its cost. Larger stones of high clarity and vibrant color typically command higher prices. Similarly, jewelry set in gold or with intricate designs can be pricier than simpler sterling silver settings.

While it’s essential to find a piece that fits within your budget, remember that genuine, high-quality Larimar jewelry is an investment. It’s worth paying a little extra for a piece that will last and continue to captivate for years to come.


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Spotting Real & Fake Larimar

Larimar’s rising popularity in the jewelry market, owing to its unique Caribbean blue hues and captivating patterns, has unfortunately also given rise to counterfeit versions. 

Fake Larimar stones are introduced into the market to deceive unsuspecting buyers and capitalize on the gem’s demand. Thus, it’s more essential than ever to be vigilant and informed about distinguishing genuine Larimar from its faux counterparts.

1. Color and Texture:

Genuine Larimar typically showcases a spectrum of blue shades, ranging from soft white-blue to deep blue-green. While it might have red or brown veining due to oxidation, it shouldn’t have bright or artificial-looking color streaks. On the other hand, fake Larimar often appears too consistent in color and lacks the intricate patterns of the real stone.

2. Temperature Test:

Real Larimar remains cool to touch even in warm conditions due to its natural properties. A quick way to test this is to place the stone against your cheek. If it feels unusually warm or adjusts to ambient temperature too quickly, it might be a synthetic or imitation stone.

3. Price Too Good To Be True:

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic Larimar can be expensive, especially for high-quality pieces. A piece that’s being sold at a significantly lower price might be a red flag for its authenticity.

4. Check for Bubbles:

Using a magnifying glass, closely inspect the stone. Genuine Larimar might have minuscule cavities, but it shouldn’t have tiny bubbles. The presence of bubbles is often an indication of resin or plastic materials, signifying a fake.

5. Buy from Reputable Dealers:

Perhaps the most foolproof method is to ensure you’re buying from a trusted source. Renowned dealers, like Marahlago, often have a reputation to uphold and are less likely to deal in counterfeit items. They may also provide authenticity certificates or have return policies that act as further assurance

genuine larimar vs fake web


Wrapping it up!

Larimar jewelry is a celebration of nature’s beauty and Earth’s rich history.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a daily wear item, investing in quality Larimar ensures you have a jewelry piece that stands out. As you shop, let the guidelines above steer you towards selections that resonate with your style and offer genuine value.


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