History and News about Larimar

Everything About Larimar

Here is an ultimate resource page on everything you need to know about the special Larimar stone from the Dominican Republic!

Larimar Articles

How to Grade Larimar Stone

Grading Larimar Stone Since the raw Larimar stones have been mined it is very difficult to differentiate the various qualities Larimar. From the outside a stone may appear to be of good quality, only to

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How is Larimar Mined? Community Larimar Mining

Larimar mining is considered “artisan mining”, meaning that it is small-scale and informal, carried out by individuals or small groups using minimal machinery and equipment. It is a major driver of community development, by providing

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Real Versus Fake Larimar Gemstone

Due to its rarity, Larimar is no stranger to fakes bearing its name. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when recognizing fake from real stones. The first and most obvious way

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Larimar Videos

The Birthplace of Larimar Stone

Here is a quick video about the birthplace of Larimar stone of the Dominican Republic. It touches on the beautiful blue coloration of the stone, mine extraction, the local Larimar community and how Jewelry can be made from such a distinctive gemstone.

The Larimar Jewelry Process

The video shows the entirety of how Larimar is resourced from the mines and the process on how Larimar Jewelry is made. You’ll also learn about a grading process based on distinctive characteristic of the gemstone as well. 

Larimar Mining

Take a short tour with Neil on the mining of Larimar. He shows you the location within the Dominican Republic where Larimar can be found and extracted. You’ll be able to see the Larimar gemstone in it’s rawest form and how it’s cut. 

Interview About Larimar with Marahlago

An interview with Adrian Nixon, owner of Marahlago, on how the Larimar Dominican Republic stone was brought into the mainstream market. Marahlago is the leading provider that provides real natural authentic stones set in fine sterling-silver outside of the Dominican Republic. It’s a great way to allow Larimar admirers to access and the own the rare beauty of this gemstone.

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History and News about Larimar

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