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Where is Larimar found?

where is larimar found; the carribean dominican republic

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Larimar deposits have been found in only one place in the world. A remote mountain range on the island of Hispaniola. The total surface area of the Larimar deposits is thought to cover less than a single square mile.

It is unknown why Larimar only formed in this one location, but the mountain range was formed by tectonic plates pushing against one another, so the region was very volcanically active and it was most likely a unique volcanic event that led to the formation of Larimar.

View of the Baoruco Mountain in Barahona, southwest of the Dominican Republic. larimar found from volcanic activity

How was Larimar formed?

It is thought that larimar was formed by super hot mineral rich fluid being forced into cracks and fissures formed by tectonic activity.

As the fluid in these cavities cooled, small crystalline nuclides called spherulites formed. As the fluid continued to cool the spherulites mixed and eventually coalesced into a gel which eventually hardened into Larimar.

Studies have shown that fine elongated needles indicate that rapid cooling occurred. However, the larger grains in the white areas indicate that more fluid entered the void and cooled at a slower rate.

The broken and bent needles at the interphase also provide evidence that the two different areas cooled at slightly different rates.

larimar rare rock

Today those cracks and fissures form the prized larimar veins that the miners spend years searching for. When a vein is found, the host rock must be cut open to reveal what is inside.

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It is very common to open a larimar rock and only find low grade white or green material inside. Less than 1% of Larimar is used in marahlago Jewelry.

larimar map

Origin of the Larimar Stone

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