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With proper care, sterling silver can last a lifetime. Over time, it may tarnish, but regular cleaning can restore its shine.

Marahlago jewelry uses an exclusive finish designed to minimize tarnishing. To preserve the brilliance and protect your silver against the effects of body oils and sweat, we recommend delicately wiping each piece after wear and storing it in an airtight polybag. To facilitate this care routine, a microfiber cloth is included with each silver piece.

Slide the bracelet onto your wrist and then hold the ends of the cords (the flower logo charms) and pull them away from each other to tighten.

A macrame bracelet is a type of bracelet that is made using the art of macrame, which involves knotting cords or threads together to create decorative patterns.

It's best to avoid. While sterling silver won't immediately tarnish in water, shower products can accelerate tarnishing or damage the finish.

Yes, sterling silver is a popular and durable metal widely used for jewelry due to its lustrous finish and versatility.

To open a sliding macrame bracelet, locate the three knotted areas at the back. Pull the two side knots apart, and as you do, the bracelet will expand.

To measure your wrist, use a measuring tape around your wrist, snug, without squeezing the skin or leaving extra space.

Custom sizing typically take 6-8 weeks for production time and shipping.

While the stones may be of lower grade, they still carry the unique beauty of larimar and can offer a more budget-friendly option for larimar jewelry enthusiasts.

Some Marahlago pieces may be discounted due to having lighter blue larimar stones and may be retired soon.

To learn how to adjust your sliding chain click HERE

Yes, all of our necklaces and pendants come with an adjustable 21" chain. With the exception of some of our large statement necklaces.

All precious metals benefit from enhanced performance and durability that plating offers. Our jewelry undergoes triple plating: first with silver for a strong base, then platinum as a barrier and finally rhodium for durability and luster.

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