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Antique style Jewelry

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Antique Jewelry

Oxidized jewelry is a popular look that is created by intentionally darkening the sterling silver to give it an aged patina which results in an antique / vintage style appearance. The blackened silver effect is often used to create contrast and highlight details in the silverwork that would ootherwise go unnoticed. Historically, this style was very popular in southeast Asia where the silver was often dipped in an antiquing solution. This process, known as oxidation, turns the surface of the silver black. Once all of the silver is oxidized black, the silversmith polishes it to remove some of the patina and give the raised surface a high polish shine and leave the deeper background areas black for contrast. The oxidation look is just a surface treatment and does not change the properties of the metal. It is possible to remove the effect by using silver cleaning chemicals or a buffing wheel.

What is marahlago Antique style Jewelry?
Marahlago Antique Style Jewelry is a captivating and elegant collection that artfully blends the allure of antiquity with modern design. Inspired by ancient aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship, Marahlago has created a range of jewelry pieces that exude timeless beauty and sophistication.

Each piece in the Marahlago Antique Style collection showcases a seamless fusion of vintage elements and contemporary innovation. These treasures often feature intricate filigree work, ornate motifs, and delicate detailing reminiscent of historical jewelry styles. The designs are carefully crafted to evoke the essence of ancient civilizations and historical periods while incorporating a touch of luxury and refinement.

One of the standout features of Marahlago Antique Style Jewelry is the prominent use of Larimar gemstones. Larimar is a rare and stunning blue stone found only in the Dominican Republic, renowned for its captivating swirls of oceanic hues. The combination of this exquisite gem with the antique-inspired settings results in a mesmerizing and unique allure.

Whether it's a pendant, necklace, ring, or bracelet, each piece of Marahlago Antique Style Jewelry is a true work of art that speaks to the sophistication and refined tastes of the wearer. This collection is a celebration of timeless beauty, combining the elegance of the past with the desires of the modern jewelry enthusiast, making it a treasured addition to any jewelry collection.