3 steps to ensure you’re getting genuine high quality Marahlago larimar jewelry.

1. Buy from a reputable dealer.

It always seems obvious, but as with any product of value there are always copies and fakes. It is always important to check the source and confirm they are a genuine marahlago dealer.

Marahlago is a boutique brand, so distribution is limited, but whenever practical, we do recommend that you buy your larimar jewelry in person at one of our authorized Marahlago dealers.

When you shop in person, you are more likely to discover designs that you might have overlooked and you will see a wide assortment of stones in arange of colors and patterns to find the ones that appeal the most to you! Browse our Store Locator

2. Selecting your larimar stone.




Like all gemstones, natural larimar has enourmous color variation from milky white to green to exceptional deep blue sea tones. At Marahlago, we strive to only use stones of the highest quality—selected from the top 3% that are free from any cracks or inclusions.

3. Look for the marahlago signature on every piece !

  • Beautiful jewelry comes from a combination of pleasing design elements combined with high quality materials and careful craftsmanship. Starting with the best of larimar gemstones, every one of our unique, artisan-crafted designs are made with exquisite care! Imitation is often said to be the highest form of flattery and here at marahlago, we may not quite believe that, but we do know that many of our original designs are emulated by manufacturers that seem to be lacking their own design aesthetic.

  • Off-brand jewelry may not be genuine larimar, such as this piece which is most likely Amazonite. There is always a market for price oriented pieces, we just have to be aware the differences. For example, stones can have inclusions, host rock, and cracks. The silver can be thin and have a more rough finish and settings are often glued - which are very fast and easy - but is likely to have a very high failure rate.

  • You’ll know that you are getting the best quality larimar jewelry when you see the Marahlago signature flower on every piece of marahlago larimar jewelry