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Marahlago Founders

The founders of Marahlago, Marah and Adrian, were captivated by Larimar in the same way that this Caribbean treasure has intrigued countless adventurers and travelers. Through several journeys to the Dominican Republic, they saw local artisans create souvenirs for their local market that were simple and beautiful, but missing that special ‘something’ that would help propel this unique treasure on the world stage.

Young Marahlago founder Adrian Nixon standing by a sailing boat. The picture was taken in the 90s.

Adrian, a creative soul in constant search for adventures, found his passion for handmade jewelry while backpacking through south-East Asia in his early 20s. When he came back to America, he bought a small boat that would allow him to sail to the Caribbean and found his way to the Dominican Republic.

Young Marahlago creator Adrian Nixon working on the boat that took him to the Dominican Republic.

Adrian Nixon is sailing to the Dominican Republic where he discovered the Larimar gemstone.

He was amazed to see little kids running on the beach, looking for treasure among the rocks. Just like them, Adrian set foot on the beach and searched through the stones until he saw his first Larimar stone with its unique shade of light blue shining through the white stones.

Ocean beach in the Dominican Republic. Raw Larimar stones are found on the shore.

The love for the stone was immediate as it was immense, and he embraced the journey of showing this stone and its beauty to the rest of the world. He would build relationships with local miners during the day and draw jewelry designs on a notepad in the evening, watching the Dominican sunset, his toes curled in the sand.

The Marahlago designer is hand drawing a jewelry piece in blue pencil.

Marahlago was born in 2004 by Adrian’s dream to combine this premier gem with excellent jewelry designs and fashion forward settings. Our mission is to create treasured pieces that captivate wearers and admirers time and again, as it has been captivating Adrian and Marah. The ageless beauty and natural luminescence of Larimar makes it a privilege to create designs that capture the spirit of this unique gem and share its amazing natural beauty with others.

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Since then, Adrian’s creative designs have captured the hearts of Larimar lovers around the world. His flair for fashion forward design beautifully highlights Larimar in a way that captures the essence of the Caribbean. Having explored the Caribbean port by port, Adrian’s adventures are reflected in every piece. 

Adrian Nixon sitting on the beach with his wife in the DR, where he discovered the Larimar gemstone.

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