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Black Onyx Jewelry Collection


Black Onyx Jewelry

Black Onyx belongs to the group of Chalcedony which is a microcrystalline quartz formed in the gas cavities of lava. It has a multi-layered structure and is very similar to agates. Onyx is a durable stone for jewelry and a hardness of 7 means it can withstand scratching from the most common hazards of daily wear. Onyx has been used for thousands of years and has a long history with many different civilizations, it is found in various regions of the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, and various US states.

Many people believe that wearing, holding, or meditating on onyx provides metaphysical benefits. While the exact nature of the benefits varies by belief system, there are some broad commonalities. Generally, onyx is considered a protective stone or gem that’s said to keep away negative energies. Some view it as a stone of strength and a grounding stone, that it can give the wearer self confidence.