Be confident you are getting authentic Marahlago larimar jewelry by only purchasing it online at or through authorized Marahlago resellers. We have partnered with the finest independent and national retailers in the country in order to provide you with the highest level of customer service and responsiveness. You deserve it!

Choose genuine, responsibly-produced Marahlago jewelry. Look good on the outside and feel good on the inside, too! Marahlago larimar jewelry is committed to providing you with the highest quality larimar jewelry. Made from the best of materials and masterfully crafted, your unique Marahlago designs can last for years with proper care. Even more, we follow strict manufacturing standards, environmental practices and use only natural, responsibly-sourced materials.

Imitation or copies are made from lower quality materials that do not offer the same comfort, quality or assurances of responsible production methods as genuine Marahlago products.

marahlago flower logo

Look for our signature flower which is attached or etched into every piece of authentic Marahlago larimar jewelry. If you don’t find the flower, it’s an imitation, and it won’t have the quality, care, or longevity that we infuse in each of our designs.

Don’t be fooled. Any company or website that offers to ship you Marahlago products from another country into the U.S. is operating illegally and you will only receive a lower-quality, imitation product—if you receive anything at all!

Again, please be cautious. Choose only Marahlago larimar jewelry by only shopping at our website or at Marahlago authorized retailers.