Jewelry Size Guide - Custom Rings and Bracelets

If your size is not available, Marahlago offers custom sizes at no extra cost.
Pieces are made just for you and this takes 8 to 10 weeks.
We strongly recommend to not resize your existing Marahlago jewelry. The stones can not be removed from their setting and the heat needed to solder the silver can easily damage them if not done correctly.


If you don't have an existing ring to measure or don't know how to measure your finger, the most accurate way is to order a ring sizer on Amazon. Search for "Ring Sizer". They are around $5.

If you have an existing ring:

ring size guide


Our standard bracelet size is for a wrist that measures between 5"3⁄4 – 6"1⁄4.
If your measurement falls outside of this range, order a custom size and enter your exact wrist measurement in the custom order field.
When measuring your wrist, the yarn should be snug against the skin; not tight, not squeezed, not loose.

bracelet size guide

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