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Order Custom Jewelry Size - Custom Rings and Bracelets

Marahlago offers custom sizes on most rings and bracelets at no extra cost. Custom orders take 6 to 8 weeks.
For any question about custom orders, please contact our Customer Support team. We strongly recommend against resizing Marahlago pieces. The excessive heat used to melt and solder the silver when resizing can easily damage the stones and any special finishes. If the piece you need does not show a custom size option online, please get in touch.


Email: [email protected]
Call: (310) 910-3833 (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM PST)



Your ring should fit your finger comfortably. It should be snug enough so that it won’t fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. Please don’t use string or paper to measure a ring size since they can stretch and twist and won’t give you an accurate measurement. Typically, women’s rings range in size from 5 to 9. Size 7 is the most popular ring size at Marahlago. If you don't know your ring size, it is best to go on amazon and order a ring sizer. They usually fall below $5.

larimar rings sizes


When measuring your wrist size, use a measuring tape or string and wrap it around your wrist. Your skin should not be squeezed during the measurement.
We only need to know your exact wrist size, and we'll be able to custom make the proper fit for you.
If your wrist size falls outside of the Standard box below, you need to order a custom size. Contact us for more details!

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How to put on a Cuff Bracelet

You should never squeeze or bend a cuff bracelet as it would damage the metal and risk dislodging the gemstones.

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